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After Annie's death, the first line of Herrick's "On His Mistresses" kept running through my mind. "I have lost , and lately, these many dainty mistresses". (I don't know if he lost them to death or if he lost them because they left him or he left them and then regretted doing so.) Over the years I have loved and lost to death so many much loved dogs.

But it's impossible to sum up a dog's personality and history in just one rhymed couplet or quatrian. I've put links to the pages that give more extensive stories.

On Her Lost Dogs

(Dogs loved and lost to death)

by Pam Green, © 2020

(after "On His Mistresses" by Herrick)

I have lost , through life's long days,
Many well loved Bouviers.

Puppy Keya, first of all,
Eternal and invisible.
My Goddess , Chelsea , half my soul,
Bones, the other half , makes whole.
Partners ev'ry night and day,
Now Trinity to whom I pray.

Some hundred fosters came and went
To their adopters heaven scent.
Some dozen fosters stole my heart
Thus from my home did not depart.

Simone D Bouvie, Sweetie-pie,
Helped the Sugen trial to fly.
Gave me her trust and laughter too,
Danced and sang "grr-roo, grr-roo".

Duke, his owner claimed did bite ;
Bouv e-list saved from Endless Night.
Our "global village" set him free
To share a home and love with me.

Pixel, her seductive guiles
Gained belly rubs and human smiles.
Darling Chris, for social wit
And ever clever use of it.

Shady, fiercely guarded food
All otherwise in friendly mood.
His owner's death had him betrayed;
I fostered him and here he stayed.

Hazel , slave of puppy mill,
Paragon, I miss her still.
Her owner would have had her killed
"Otherwise" the Goddess willed.

Golden Grover, stray on street.
Temperment both strong and sweet.
But golden dogs and bitches must,
As homeless mongrels, come to dust.

Little Walter, sweet old man,
Said "I'll do the best I can."

Moma proved that "orange is black",
A blanket for her naked back.

Old Paddy padded home at last,
St Patricks's Day was when he passed.

Murphey and Annie, old and wise,
Orphaned by owner's lonely demise.
No adopter wanted two
So they said "we'll stay with you"

      Still Three remain to cheer my age
      Inspire verses on my page.
      Three remain to comfort me :
      Velvet, Fox, and Lady B.
      Too soon, too soon may all be gone
      And I , like Herrick, left alone,
      For to know my sorrow by
      Their departures, then to die.



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