I was driving down the road and a dog ran out of the field at my car, so of course I had to stop. She looked like a red Queensland or Queensland x Basenji. She was jumping up wildly until I used hand gestures to lure her to sit and rewarded her with petting. Her owner, a farmer. did not want her and asked me to take her. I took her.
Originally I intended to "get her civilized" and then place her (adopt her out) in a really appropriate home. But "she stole my heart" and therefore she is "serving a life sentance for Grand Larceny"
So that's how Fox acquired me. I adore her.

Her song goes to the tune of "Puff the Magic Dragon", so I am adding a verse about that.
      Together we should sing it,
      It's such a happy song;
      And if you do not know the tune
      What planet are you from ?
Fox, the Wicked Queensland


Fox, the Wicked Queensland

(to the tune of "Puff, the Magic Dragon")

by Pam Green , © 2012

Fox , the Wicked Queensland,
She lives with me
In the Central Valley
Of Cal-if-for-ni-ee.

Fox, the Wicked Queensland,
Wild, untrained pup,
Demanding attention,
Wildly jumping up.

Owner didn't want her,
So now she is mine.
Nothing can daunt her;
She thinks she's divine.

Fox , the Wicked Queensland,
Off leash and free,
Chases hawks and air-o-planes
Just because they flee.

Fox, the Wicked Queensland,
Bosses all the Bouviers
With her wicked tricks.

Fox playing with Velvet

Fox, the Wicked Queensland,
She heals my soul ;
I've taught her not to heel my feet,
Her metatarsal goal.

Fox, the Wicked Queensland,
She sleeps with me
Underneath the blankets
In cozy luxury.

Sleek satin-coated
Strawberry roan,
Drapes herself against my side,
Sighs contented moan.

Fox curled on my bed

Fox, the Wicked Queensland,
May she live long,
Frolicing through endless days,
As here I end my song.

Fox , the Wicked Queensland,
She lives with me
In the Central Valley
Of Cal-if-for-ni-ee.

I have put the MIDI music and the (extended) lyrics together (by revising a karaoke version by Carl Warren). I had to re-arrange some verses and add some more to make it come out right The synchronization of the karaoke highlighting with the music is not perfect but it's close enough.

(unfortuately when I later looked at this with monitor set to greyscale, I discovered that the "highlighting" is almost same degree of darkness as the background, thus not really enough contrast for someone who is red-green color-blind The not yet highlighted text is quite well contrated with the dark background, so there's still enough of a karaoke effect. At a future date I may be able to change the highlight color to something much more contrasted and better for color-impaired viewers.)

<a href="fox_wicked_queensland_kar.mov" target="_blank">[View QuickTime Movie]</a>

if that doesn't play or if you cannot use the control buttons in the QuickTime window, try opening fox_wicked_queensland_kar.mov. It should open in a new window and should play automatically.

Or try opening fox_wicked_queensland2x.mid, opening in a new window, which should auto-play in any MIDI player. Well it does work in iCab, but not in Internet Explorer.

Some of the recent versions of Windows Media Player may be able to play one of these files.

If you are on dial-up , the first few lines may stutter , so hit the stop button, move the play marker back to the begiinning, wait a for a bit more to download, then hit the play button to re-start the song. I think you will enjoy this.
You are welcome to download this song. If you are on a Mac, use Control-click or click and hold until you have the choice "Download Link to Disk" then make that choice. If you are on a PC, right-click and choose "Download Target to Disk". That will download the file to your hard disk and you can play it from there in QuickTime or any other MIDI player or movie player that plays QuickTime files. Experiment with whatever player apps you have. (Apple stopped supporting QuickTime for Windows with version 7, but if you have it on an older computer it should work.).

(Confession : although having her sit and wait for treats to be tossed towards her for her catch out of the air while a vehicle is passing works most of the time while she is on leash, I will NEVER be willing to risk her life by letting her be off leash in situations where a vehicle might appear. Part of being a smart trainer is to know the limits of what can be accomplished by training and what cannot become fail-safe and therefore must be managed, ie oppertunity for trouble prevented.)

Update : added lines :

She never feels contrition, never any shame,
Never thinks her actions might deserve the slightest blame.
When she's feeling wicked, when she's feeling thrilled,
She finds her favorite rope toy and shakes it till it's killed

She truely does adore kill-shaking her rope toy. That's something she taught herself to do when she's excited. I've taught her an invitation to play Tug of War with her rope. I crouch (human version of "play bow" ?) and wriggle my fingers. It's amaaing how hard she can pull. I've also taught her to let go of the rope or any other item on cue.

<a href="fox_tugs_rope_growl.mpg">[View QuickTime Movie]</a>
video of Fox playing Tug with rope toy with me

Or open it in a new window or download it to play in your own player application.Fox playing Tug with me with her very favorite Rope toy (less than 250kb). To download, on a Mac, do a Control-click on the link(or click and hold, wait for contextual menu to appear) and choose Save Link to Disk ; on a PC, do a right-click on the link and choose Save Target to Disk.





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