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Pied de Boue Working Bouviers

I got started in Bouviers in 1981 with my first Bouvier, baby puppy Keya (Chiaroscuro), who died of an unusual anesthesia reaction, thereby becoming The Invisible Eternal Puppy.
Her breeder gave me her littermate , Chelsea (Chelsea de Caelichyth), who soon became the other half of my soul and who declared herself to be The Goddess Chelsea, Chelsea Queen of Creation.
A few years later , Chelsea and I adopted the "ugly" unwanted puppy Bones (Xterminator van de Vuilvoet), whom we raised as our Son, and who proved himself to be The Saint and Sun of my existence.
Chelsea and Bones achieved an impressive record of working titles and working trial achievements in obedience, tracking, protection, and especially herding. Our "Pied de Boue" (= "feet of mud" or "filthy feet", and of course a metaphoric reference to something that is excellent in parts but flawed in other parts ) slogan has always been "Boldly going where no Bouvier has been before!" as often we were breaking new ground.

Here is a photo of me with Chelsea and Bones in celebration of Chelsea's TDX ; for more information and a victory song, see Two TDX Bouviers . This is the only photo I have in which both of them look really alert and facing the camera, and I don't look too bad myself.

Chelsea's TDX victory photo

I continued to be active in training and competing with my later dogs , all of whom were rescued from various shelters. Some I managed to title in working events and some I did not.

In more recent years, while I still train my dogs for various working activities, I have decreased my competition orientation and activities in order to have more energy for Rescue, for just hanging out with the dogs, taking them for long long walks down by the creek, and for consulting and writing activities. Keya, Chelsea, and Bones are all passed away, but their spirit rules my life. The dogs who are currently my cherished companions are all dogs whom I rescued from various pounds.

Here is a photo of me relaxing at home with Pixel and Chris ; for more information see Dirty Feet

Photo of me enjoying lounging on the porch with Pixel and Chris.
"My soles are dirty, but my soul is clean.
These are the cutest dogs I've ever seen"

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du Clos de la Fourriere Bouvier Rescue

I began doing Bouvier Rescue in 1986, when a friend alerted me to the presence of a Bouvier in a local pound. For the next half dozen or so years, I operated as an individual, under the name "du Clos de la Fourriere" (= "from the fields of the animal pound"), with some help from the Bouvier des Flandres Club of Southern California of which I was and still am a member. Later on other Bouvier lovers in the northern part of the state organized Bouvier Club of Northern California, which immediately began a strong Rescue program, in which I participate extensively. It's a lot easier doing rescue as part of a strong group, so long as the group gives considerable latitude to the individual workers and especially to the foster homes. It's wonderful when the group has a strong fund-raising program so medical needs of rescued dogs can be assured.

I've long since lost count of the dogs I have fostered and then adopted out into their "til death do us part" homes. I usually have one or more foster dogs living with me; with luck, it's no more than three at a time !

Here is a photo of me with one of my rescue dogs who wound up staying with me permanently; for more informtion see Duke.

photo of Duke, a very special rescue dog.

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other activities

I am an active supporter for Morris Animal Foundation (which funds a great deal of veterinary research) and for the University of California at Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, and Center for Companion Animal Health.

During the first half of my life I was an obsessed horseperson, but then Chelsea came and took over my life so I "went to the dogs" in a big way. Some of my horse art and horse photos will appear on this site. I got started in writing for publication by writing and doing cartoons for various horse publications.

My academic education is in the biological sciences (especially genetics, with emphasis on population genetics and evolutionary genetics) and in law. Both of these disciplines are ones in which one must evaluate evidence critically. Many years as a student formed an obsessive habit of taking notes in any lecture situation or demonstartion situation (including dog training clinics) and of making extensive notes in the margins of any book I read (unless it is borrowed of course).

In my next lifetime, I would like to be a veterinarian of course. At the time I was a suitable age to enter Vet School, women were admitted as less than 5% of the class (because everyone knew that a woman could not physically control a frightened horse or an angry Rottweiler, and everyone ignored the fact that a man cannot do so either) . Today women are 75 to 85% of the incoming classes (and everyone knows that a smart woman can usually win the trust and co-operation of that frightened horse or angry Rottweiler). I'd like to think that in my eventual role as dog Rescue person and as writer on dog behavior and training that I am accomplishing good work for dog welfare and am saving individual dogs in a way that complements the work of the veterinary profession. I'd like to think that perhaps I have more value in my current role than I would have had as a vet. Better to appreciate the scenery along the road one has taken than to fantasize and yearn for the road not taken.

I have written, drawn, painted, and sculpted throughout my life. In writing and visually, I tend to make my points with some degree of humor. My current project is this Website , which I hope will make my work accessible to all those who might benefit from it or enjoy it -- both of you.

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why is it "Crazy Pam's" ?

Many years ago ( in 1984, a very good year for dogs and computers), when Chelsea and I were first making a name as working trial competitors and I had been writing for various dog publications, I was asked to contribute to "The Working Bouvier Book" being published in conjunction with the 5th Annual North American Working Bouvier Championship Trial in Ontario, Canada. I contributed some serious training articles as well as some humourous songs. We were also invited to come and compete in the trial by the trial organizer , Jane Saunders. While we were guests in her home, she said something to the effect that she would like to be my literary executor so she could publish my collected works to be entitled either "The Pam Green Crazy Book" or "The Crazy Pam Green Book" ---- I really wasn't sure which she had said, but the latter seemed to me more appropriate. So Jane, here it is at last, and you didn't have to do the work nor wait until I was dead.

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how to contact me

My e-mail address and phone number are given below.
( In case you are wondering why I am giving e-mail address and phone number as images rather than as links or as ordinary text, it's because I don't want to have them picked up by web robots which would increase my junk e-mail ten-fold. My Web Design teacher said that this method would work. Sorry to make you have to type in my e-mail address by hand, but if that is too much work , then you certainly don't want to be owned by a Bouvier !)
my email address If you e-mail me, please understand that it could be a week or more before I respond. Make sure that your Subject heading clearly indicates the topic. Please notice that my e-mail address has changed ! The old one will cease to accept e-mail on Feb 28, 2019.

my telephone number If you really need to phone me, please phone only between 10 am and 6 pm California time, and understand that calls may be returned collect because otherwise my phone bill gets larger than my vet bill.


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