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I have to admit I am somewhat addicted to watching Jeopardy. I try to get my answer in before the contestants answer, but I don't phrase it in the form of a question. Being able to score well on Jeopardy somewhat assures me that my mind still functions fairly well. Of course it's a special thrill any time I know the right answer on Final Jeopardy but none of the 3 contestants get it right. OK, that's a cheap thrill, but some days I need any thrill I can get as well as assurance that I am not yet starting to lose my mind.

I actually did the on-line try-out last year. Didn't get called for an audition, and I'm really not willing to make any trip that requires leaving my dogs overnight.

This goes to tune of "The Gambler" and is a companion piece to the Wheel of Fortune song to that same tune.

and to the tune of "Brush Up Your Shakespeare" from "Kiss Me Kate"<:/p>

Since I'm ready for toil and for trouble,
Alex , make it a TRUE Daily Double ! !


a Jeopardy song

by Pam Green , © 2017

(to the tune of "the Gambler"

You've got to know when to Double,
Stay away from trouble
Trust your very first guess ;
It's so often right
More than mere suggestions
Answers phrased as questions.
Make your lead a run-away
Before Final comes in sight.

Don't lose your heart, son,
Playing against Watson. :
Computers have no humor,
Intuition, or insight..
They push the button faster.
Wrong answer is disaster
Make yourself uncatchable
And you could win tonight.


(1)" double" means, of course, when you hit a Daily Double, responding "Alex, make it a true Daily Double", thus betting your entire winnings up to that point. This is a good move if you are in a category you are fairly knowledgeable about, especially if it's still fairly early in the game or if late in the game it's your only chance to catch up to the leader. (If it's very close to the end , instead of a complete double, bet several dollars less than everything, then hope the others bet everything on Final and give the wrong answer.)

(2) "run away" and "uncatchable" mean going into Final Jeopardy so far ahead of the other two contestants that even if they bet everything they've got and answer correctly, their total will be less than what you already have. This means you are the winner that day and you don't need to bet anything on that Final question. Since the Final category is unpredictable as to whether or not it's one you are knowledgeable about, it's ideal to not need to risk anything on it.

Almost all multigame winners have been able to follow strategies (1) and (2). and remain undefeated until they fail to accomplish this.. Of course success requires a ton of knowledge about miscellaneous facts and the tendency to bring them out of memory as your "first guess" or in response to clues (often jokes) contained in the question itself.

"Watson" was the IBM computer that played against two Jeopardy mega-Champions. I thought that the main advantage the computer had was faster reflexes, ie ability to hit the button faster than the humans. Watson did come up with a few remarkably wrong answers, including dramatically wrong answer on Final which both humans got right, but emerged as over-all winner because of having piled up a "run-away" lead prior to Final.. I'd love to see a re-match in which the computer's reflex time was randomized to be within human norms.. ("Watson" was named after the founder of IBM , not after Francis Crick's DNA modeling partner or after Sherlock Holmes' sleuthing partner.)




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