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Everybody Must Get Masked

(a song for the COVID era)


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There's a song by Bob Dylan, "Rainy Day Woman #12 & 35" that is often thought of as "Everybody Must Get Stoned", because that is the repeated chorus line.

Now in the COVID era, it is really important that everyone use a face mask or face covering whenever they are in a public place where they might be anywhere near other people (other than those sharing living quarters).

A few days before the end of April, Yolo County, California passed a law that requires face coverings of all persons entering any store or similar establishment. All the local stores immediately posted a notice about this requirement on their entry doors. I think most of the managements were grateful to have this county-wide law because it took the onus of being the "bad guy" off of the store and eliminated worries that if their store demanded masks , the potential customer might go to a store that did not require them. It's a smart law. While masks are not a total protection, they certainly improve the odds. And if "YOLO" means "You Only Live Once", it makes sense not to endanger that one life by going bare-faced. And it's a moral duty to avoid endangering others.

photos of my early efforts (late March, early April)
(I've gotten more sophisticated since then.)

first effort is a Cancer Survivor kerchief
a kerchief is a good first effort
trying to use an e-collar as a face shield
e-collar over a decorated disposable mask

Rainy Day Women ("ev'rybody must get stoned") by Bob Dylan

if the MIDI file doesn't appear (above) , try clicking Rainy Day Women to open the file in QuickTime in a new window


Everybody Must Get Masked

by Pam Green , © 2020

(to tune of Rainy Day Woman # 12 & 35. by Bob Dylan)

You must face mask if if you're trying to be good,
Wear a face mask like Dr Fauci said you should.
Have one with you every time you leave your home,
Have it on you when in public you would roam
      It's mandatory, not just simply asked
      Everybody must get masked !

You don't need to mask when you are all alone
You don't need one when you're staying in your home,
You need not wear one when you're solo in your car,
Or in you back porch playing your guitar.
      But in public, with virtue to be basked :
      Everybody must get masked !

You might think that going bare-faced means your brave,
You can take that macho courage to your grave.
It don't matter that so far you're young and healthy,
If you've ambition to live someday old and wealthy,
      It's not as hard as Hercules was tasked :
      Everybody must get masked !


The mother of one of the vets at the UCD VMTH and her friends in her quilting club, The Flying Needles, have been sewing masks for the staff at the Vet School. As of mid-Jue 2020 they have sewn 1,200 masks for the teaching hospital. Quite a variety of colors, patterns. I've seen zebra stripes, tiger stripes, Winnie the Pooh. Many of the masks are made from pieces of fabric left over from quilt projects.

Update Sept, 2000 : in Davis, everyone is getting masked. Many different patterns and colors seen on streets and in stores. I think some people are actually having some fun and making a fashion statement out of this nescessity. I've made myself a lot of masks , double or triple layered and with higher areas over the nose , lower beneath the eyes, some with ear loops, many different colors, all with dog or animal themes. Having some fun with this necessary virtue.

Use of e-collar as a shield proved not very useful. The plastic wasn't clear enough. I'd hoped this might be appropriate for outdoor meals with friends, with good distance between us of course. There are medical quality face shields available on the internet.



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