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All I Want for Christmas is my COVID Vax

vaccination syringe (animated)


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This was inspired by the children's song about wanting to get their adult teeth to fill the gaps from shed juvenile teeth.
I began with a personal version, just wanting my own vaccination. It morphed into a more public version, about wanting as many people as possible to get vaccinated.

All I Want for Christmas is my COVID Vax

by Pam Green , © 12/24/2020, 5/28/2021

(inspired by "All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth")

All I want for Christmas is my COVID vax,
The FDA's confirmed the facts ,
For safety and effectiveness it's near the max.
And all of you should get yours too !

All I want for Christmas is my COVID vax,
My COVID vax, my COVID vax
Better than a platter full of chocolate snacks,
So that I can keep my health.

All I want for Christmas is my COVID vax,
My COVID vax, my COVID vax.
More valued than a refund of my income tax.
(The dead no longer need their wealth.)

All I want for Christmas is my COVID vax,
My COVID vax, my COVID vax.
To once again have access to library stacks
And take out books they have to lend.

All I want for Hanukkah is is eight friends vax'd,
My fears for them would be relaxed.
All I want for Hanukkah is eight friends vax'd,
So I could hug each friend.

All I want for Easter is everyone's been vax'd :
At 95 percent, "herd health" safety's maxed.
Until we reach that level we must all stay masked,
So all of you should get vax'd too !

footnotes :

Update 5/28/2021

I got my second Pfizer vaccination on 2/14/2021. That's Valentine's Day. Don't you just love that ? I do !


What I got for Val's Day was my second shot.
Pfizer, UC Davis doctors, thanks a lot !
Some folks are still refusing : "it's an evil plot",
But they'd damn well better get theirs too !!!!

vaccination syringe (animated) vaccination syringe (animated) vaccination syringe (animated)

As I write this most areas in the USA have reached the 50% vaccinated level. There's a lot of public pressure to end the mask mandates and to "re-open" to do "business as ususal".

But we really need to get vaccination rates a lot higher to end the threats of infection , to end this pandemic. As Dr Fauci said, each vaccinated person is a "dead end" for the virus, ie for futher spread. When we have enough dead ends, the virus will have nowhere to go.

Meanwhile we all must continue to wear face masks, covering nose and mouth, and keep distance, etc., when indoors with unknown others, when outdoors in crowds. But those who are vaccinated can give themselves the reward of private gatherings with vaccinated friends and family.

I recently got invited to the home of a pair of very dear friends (whom I know to be fully vaccinated). I assumed this would be strictly outdoors, as our previous backyard lunchs have been. But amazingly I was encouraged to come indoors while my host cooked (he takes pride in being a very good cook). How very strange that felt. But then before leaving we exchanged hugs. How very strange that felt. And how wonderful. How magical.

to encourage others : display your card.

After you are fully vaccinated, you could wear a copy of your vaccination card in a plastic card holder on a pin or lanyard. You will of course still be wearing your face mask. It's a quiet statement that masks are still important , even for those who are vaccinated.

You may want to erase your patient number and your date of birth from the copy you will be displaying.

Keep your original vaccination card in a safe place. CDC says don't laminate it because that makes it harder to read. So make a photocopy or other copy and put the copy in a card holder or lamination. You don't even need to go to the copy shop if you have a scanner and printer. That's how I made my copy, and saved the file on my computer.

Those of you who have cell phones may want to keep an image of your card on your omnipresent phone as well as an image on your desktop/laptop/tablet computer. Fine with me.

I've been wearing my card on a lanyard for the past couple of months. Only when going out in public of course. And of course, still masked.




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