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Sittin' On My Porch

("near a field of corn, yeah, outside Davis, Californ-yah")


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I was sitting on my porch, reading a book, waiting for a delivery from FedEx of confidential material that needed my signature. (It never came that day, nor next, nor next. Finally it came 4 days late. "FedEx : when you absolutely positively don't need it anytime soon")

and then tune of "Take It Easy" ("standing on a corner in Winslow , Arizona") started up in my head
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Sittin' On My Porch

by Pam Green , ©

to the tune of Take It Easy

("standin' on a corner in Winslow , Arizona")

sittin' on my porch where the sun don't scorch,
book I'm readin' in my lap.
dogs are in the shade
they know they got it made
ready now to take a nap

takin' it easy, south wind cool and breezy
don't let the thoughts inside my mind drive me crazy
seein' dogs who understand
that their life is simply grand
never feelin' any guilt 'bout being lazy

ev'ning on my porch, with a citronella torch
my dogs are always on my mind
they know they own me
thought they don't enthrone me
they trust me to be wise and kind

takin' it easy, we're comfortable and fleas-free
won't let the thoughts inside my mind drive me crazy
though that's never a long drive,
I still strive to stay alive
never feelin' any guilt 'bout being lazy.

FedEx truck

(and instead of getting mad at FedEx :)


sittin' on my porch, till the sun begins to scorch
such a fine place to be
MacBook Air sendin' text while I'm waiting for FedEx
such a long wait for me
well it's more than bad luck, no sign of that truck
comin' down my road to see.

come on FedEx driver, time to act alive-er
you're almost four days late right now
don't make it five sir ! my dear FedEx sender, I'm needin' you to lend ear
tellin' you all future FedEx use has to end here !

near a field of corn , yeah, outside Davis, Californ-yah
such a fine place to be
well I may lose or I may win but I'll never use FedEx again
let them fool me twice it would be my sin
so take it easy.

takin' it easy, FedEx may be sleasy
I won't let FedEx misbehavor drive me crazy
just relax while I still can
don't even try to understand
be glad my internet's broadband
and take it easy.





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