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If Lennon Were Alive


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If John Lennon were still alive and were viewing , certainly viewing with dismay, that we still have racial unrest, distrust, bigotry, and hate, what verses might he add to his very great classic "Imagine" ?

Below is my humble effort to imagine those verses..

I don't think I need to include a MIDI file (can't find one I like enough) for "Imagine", because you all know the music (unless you really did recently come from Outer Space).


If Lennon Were Alive

by Pam Green , © July, 2020, April 2022

to the tune of "Imagine", by John Lennon

Imagine no race hatred,
Although it might seem hard to do,
Imagine there's never any bias
'gainst persons LGBT or Q,
Accepting each and ev'ry person
Just for who they really is.
ah, you might think I'm a dreamer,
That dream declared so long ago
It's up to each of us together,
Together we can make it so.

Imagine there's no gender,
I wonder if you can,
No patriarchal power
A Sisterhood of Man.
Imagine ev'ry person's talents
Nurtured to the full.
You might think I'm a dreamer,
But this dream it ain't no bull !

Imagine the word "alien"
Just means "they came from Outer Space" ;
I hope someday we'll go out to meet them,
and say "we come in peace and grace".
There might be much that they could teach us,
And some things we might teach them too,
ah you might think I'm a dreamer
but that dream is not so new
I hope someday we can wake up
and make our best dreams all come true.

footnotes :

"who they really is". The use of "they" as a third person singular for someone whose gender is not known or not specified, but who is not properly referred to as "it", is and old useage that is coming back into popularity. English unfortunately lacks a good third person singular gender-non-specific pronoun.

"that dream declared so long ago" can refer both to Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" as well as to the dreams Lennon declared in "Imagine". or with a capital "D", the "Dreamers" are those brought to this country as young children by parents who lacked the required entry papers.

"make it so" is , of course, Jean-Luc Picard's favorite phrase.

"they came from Outer Space". slightly refers to the title of an old Sci Fi movie. also a reference to the saying "nothing human to me is alien", a concept we should embrace. You don't have to like everyone as an individual, but you do have to respect them as a human being.

"we come in peace" is part of the great speech made on the first moon landing. "grace" can be a religious term, but can also be secular just as easily and just as amazingly.




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