I Am A Pro-Choice Voter

(short letter to legislators, magazines, etc)

by Pam Green, © 2005

This is a relatively short letter which can be used by pro-choice advocates as to why continued legal and safe abortion is an issue that is highly important to them as voters. Basically to let your legislators know that this issue is likely to determine whether you will vote for them or not. Also useable as letter to editor of magazines and newspapers.
Can be used as a model for your own letters.

I am a Pro-Choice Voter

I am a single issue PRO-CHOICE voter !!!

There can be no more important issue for any woman than the right to avoid involuntary servitude as a mother. Thus access to information about contraception , access to methods of contraception, and access to abortion are crucial.

These issues are NOT unimportant to men either. We now have the DNA technology to identify the sire of every accidental conception and therefore the ability to nail him for child support if that conception is carried to term.

If the daddy does not pay support, then all too often the taxpayers must do so through Welfare and Aid to Dependant Children.

Moreover if neither the mommy nor the daddy are willing to do the work of actually raising the child, then who will do so ? Institutional child rearing is both extremely expensive (taxpayer expense again) and too often results in an adult who is emotionally , socially, and intellectually stunted and thus ill-prepared to be a contributing and law-abiding citizen.

Finally, there is no turning the clock back to pre 1970s.

Women's economic participation in the workforce has become indispensible to the national economy and to the support of her family (including any children she already has). Threat of involuntary pregnancy and parenthood erodes women's oppertunities in the workplace.

Finally, let me remind everyone that if normal methods of abortion become illegal, difficult, or dangerous, demand for the French Abortion Pill, RU 486 , will instantly skyrocket. The same government police actions that have so spectacularly failed to keep heroin and cocaine out of the hands of those who want them will be equally unable to keep RU 486 out of the hands of those who need it -- and the insturctions for use and ordering will be uncensorably available on the Internet. Goddess bless the Internet !


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