A humorous song about the low stress method of handling a cat in a veterinary clinic. I wrote this after attending a veterinary symposium in which Dr Tami Pierce gave a talk and demonstration of how to do a "half burrito wrap", in which the cat's legs and body arre softly wrapped in a towel, leaving the cat's head exposed. While this might sound weird to non-cat people, it's actually very calming to the cat and safe for the veterinary staff.
This is just one of the essential cat wraps on a DVD by the late great Dr Sophia Yin , DVM, who died in Sept of 2014 and who is deeply missed by the veterinary community. She was the pioneer and constant prosyletizer of Low Stress Handling TM for dogs and cats, and her book on the topic is a classic, one every vet practice should study. I have the links to the cat wrap DVD and the Low Stress Handling TM book at the end of this page.

MIDI music "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover"


Fifty Ways to Wrap a Feline

dedicated to Dr Sophia Yin, DVM

( to the tune of "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover" , by Simon & Garfunkel )

by Pam Green , © 2015


She said "it's so important not to put a cat to fright,
Because when they are frightened they will flee or freeze or fight;
But the secret is to wrap the cat up safe and snug, but not too tight.
There must be 50 ways to wrap a feline,
50 ways to wrap a feline"

She said "why don't we watch this DVD by Dr Yin,
And I believe that when we've watched it we'll be ready to begin
And your worries will all vanish like the Cheshire Kitty's grin,
There must be 50 ways to wrap a feline,
50 ways to wrap a feline"

"Grab a towel from your bath, Kath',
One that's fluffy and warm , Norm,
Music soothing, lights low, Jo
Now you're ready to go.

Put your hand on his head, Fred,
Forearm runs down his back, Jack,
Towel front over his feet, Pete,
Make it cozy and neat

Grasp the towel on the lef', Jef',
Bring it over his back, Mack,
Then wrap from the right side, Clyde,
And burrito him tight. !

Try it first on a toy , Roy,
Use a stuffed dog or cat, Matt,
Don't just listen to me , Lee,
Watch Sophie's DVD !

She said "Why don't we both just take a little nap,
And I believe that when you're rested you can learn to do this wrap
I repeat myself, you are not a fool or sap,
There must be 50 ways to wrap a feline,
50 ways to wrap a feline

And now I've told you everything that I have got to tell,
Furthermore I hope my meaning wasn't lost in doggerell,
Now you've done your first burrito wrap and done it very well
There must be 50 ways to wrap a feline,
50 ways to wrap a feline




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