Contract Supplement for Bitch of Uncertain Spay Status

Sometimes a Rescuer will take in a bitch, usually one of middle age or older, whose spay status is uncertain and undeterminable. Usually she has what appears to be a scar on the midline abdomen, ie a scar that most probably is a spay scar. However it might be a Caesarian scar or an umbilical hernia repair scar. The vet thinks she is spayed but cannot be absolutely certain. With present state of the art (as of 2003) there is no absolutely certain way to tell other than surgery (possibly endoscopic surgery). The contract supplement below is intended for use in such situations. Only an adopter whom the Rescue totally trusts should be entrusted with such a bitch.




The bitch referred to as ____________________________ in the adoption contract dated _______________________ between Adopter _______________________________ and Rescuer Pam Green aka "du Clos de la Fourrière" Bouvier Rescue is believed to be spayed based upon evidence of a midline abdominal scar or suture. She has been examined by a veterinarian with resulting opinion that it is likely that she is spayed. While in Rescuer's custody from _______ to _________ she did not display any incications of estrus ("heat"). Rescuer therefore believes that she is highly likely to be spayed, however this cannot yet be known with certainty.

Adopter promises therefore to watch vigilantly for any signs of estrus ("heat") untill at least ________ (one year from beginning of Rescuer's custody) and to continue to be alert to possibility of estrus for the rest of this bitch's life. In the event that this bitch should come into heat at any time or should exhibit any symptoms of being in heat, Adopter shall promptly take bitch to a veterinarian to determine whether or not she is really in estrus, If bitch is found to be in estrus, thus not a spayed bitch, Adopter promises faithfully to either have her spayed immediately (if and only if the veterinarian is confident of being able to do so safely) or, preferably, to keep bitch safely confined and protected from any possible exposure to intact male dogs throughout her heat and then to have her spayed as soon after the completion of the heat as the veterinarian shall advise to be medically prudent and safe.

The adoption fee of $__________ paid / to be paid (on/before ________ ) is based on the assumption that this bitch is already spayed. In the event that on she proves not to be spayed, upon proof being made to rescuer that Adopter has had her spayed within 1 month of ending of her first heat period and before date _________ , Rescuer shall rebate $___________ to Adopter to contribute towards costs of spaying.


signed :

      Adopter ___________________________ date _________

      Rescuer ___________________________ date _________


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