Post Election (2016) Songs

The weekend after the election of 2016, Saturday Night Live's Hillary sang three verses of Lenard Cohen's "Hallelujah". She sang the original lyrics, but some of the phrases were heartbreaking, especially "I couldn't feel so I tried to touch" and "even though it all went wrong".. I've written another verse to end Hillary's Song.
And later I wrote a verse to the tune of "A Simple Twist of Fate" by prophet and Nobel Prize winner, Dylan.

to the tune of "Hallejuljah"

She did her best, accomplished much,
But lacked that "charismatic touch" ;
Opponents lied, they cried "she tried to fool ya".
And even though the vote went wrong,
Together we must still be strong,
Someday to sing, soprano , Hallejulia
Hallejulia, Hallejulia
Hallejulia, Hallejulia
Hallejulia, Halleju-uo-ou-ya.

to the tune of "A Simple Twist of Fate"

People tell me it's a sin
To hope and feel too much within.
We all believed that she would win,
How did we miscalculate ?
How much longer must we wait ?
This wasn't just a simple twist of fate.


campaign buttons, before and after election

I did quite a few pro-Hillary buttons that I wore before the election. Some were re-done from ones made for the 2008 primaries, simply adding the new date. One (not pictured) simply called for her re-election in 2020.

"Bitches get stuff done" is from SNL in 2008, Tina Fey responding to the accusation that Hillary is a "bitch", saying she herself is one and so is Amy Pohler (the 2008 SNL Hillary). Yes, indeed, any competent and authoritatiive woman will be called a "bitch" by men who are afraid of her. But "well behaved women seldom make history" and even more seldom do they make HERstory. Whenever a man calls me a bitch, I say "thank you, and remember that's Alpha Bitch"

(Also not pictured was a genuine campaign button that said "I'm for Hillary's husband", to which I simply crossed out , lined through, the " ' s" and the "husband" )

And two more afterwards, one paraphrosing SNL Hillary ("I'm not giving up, and neither should you.") and the other one when the drive for vote auditing in states with hack-able systems began. Does it not make sense to do audits or physical re-counts in a very close election in which the other candidate so often proclaimed that the election would be rigged and had invited the head of a hostle foreign power to hack the sites and e-mail of his opponent ?

I thought of doing one saying "My favorite Stein is no longer Gertrude", which would be understood by many in the University town where I live, but probably not generally. Or perhaps "My favorite Dr Jill is no longer Biden"

As I write this the results of the re-count in Wisconsin are not yet available

campaign buttons for the electionof 2016

In case you are wondering how to make your own buttons, I started with any old pin-on button, painted it over with nail polish (any enamel paint will do, but cheap nail polish from thrift store or a Dollar store will do nicely). The lettering is first done with "Sharpie" type indelible pen. Then for the larger typefaces, I could carefully go over the letters with another color of nail polish.

(Upate note : and I've gotten good at covering the lettering with day-glow or glow-in-dark paint. But these images don't show that.)

She is still my nominee and candidate, my over-whelming choice for POTUS. We are long long long overdue for a competent and determined woman as POTUS. Turn that "O" into the symbol for female and make the cross-bar an equals sign.

Not only is "A woman's place is in the House and Senate" but "A woman's place is in the White House"

And if the American public is so degenerated that they will only elect a "celebrity" or a "star", let's nominate a real one. Nominate Oprah Winfrey. She's certainly smarter and more thoughtful than Mr Pumpkinhead. And she's a dog-lover.



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