Poor Jobs is Dead

I started working on this the day after the death of Steve Jobs was announced. A verse came to me immediately. A few days later, I started to add verses. I wasn't satisfied with some of them, so I paused a few days and then went back to work.
I'm not the first to observe that Jobs seemed to live on a tightrope between chutzpah and hubris. I've portrayed him as a tragic hero (as in Greek drama) whose tragic flaw is also his heroic virtue, the virtue being uncontrolled and misapplied.
This page, like all of my site, is created on a Macintosh.

Time cover, Jobs  & 1st Mac

Poor Jobs is Dead

by Pam Green, © 2011

to tune of "Poor Jud is Dead" ("Pore Jud is Daid") from Oklahoma ! by Rogers & Hammerstein


Poor Jobs is dead, poor Steve Jobs is dead.
Our Apple world will never be the same.
He was Father of the Mac
With Co-Father Wozniack.
"Insanely Great" would always be his aim.

Poor Jobs is dead, no laurels wreath his head ;
Aqua earbuds are his only diadem.
He looks like he's alive,
In his hand an iPhone 5.
His iPod's playing Mozart's Requiem.

Poor Steve is dead, his parents were unwed :
To his adoptive dad his gratitude was great.
His daughter Lisa lacked support
Untill her Mom took Steve to court ;
He claimed "I'm sterile, so I cannot procreate".

Poor Steve has died and demi-diefied,
Though our mythic hero wasn't god be-got-ten.
He fleeced gold at Xerox PARC,
He created the New Ark,
He resurrected NextStep into Mac Oh-Ess-Ten.

Poor Jobs is dead, at Apple most revered,
Although they hurled him out in 1985.
To Apple's death pyre he returned,
A phoenix still unburned ;
By his Second Coming Apple was revived.

Poor Jobs is dead, his hubris ruled his head :
The charismatic genius sometimes was a jerk.
His doctors urged him "cut to cure",
Nine long months did Steve demurr ;
"Thinking Different" about cancer did not work.

Poor Jobs is dead, his bio he'd not read.
An iPad 3 is cradled to his chest.
He was the Icon of an Age
'Till his Maker turned his Page :
She Commanded him to Shut Down and to Rest.

Poor Jobs is dead, his mortality is shed,
Reposed in jeans and turtleneck of black.
Is he merely in Sleep state,
Waiting to reincarnate ?
In what Avatar might Apple get him back ?


Discussion :

Much of the factual information on which some verses are based is taken from "Insanely Great" by Steven Levy and from the Wikipedia article on Steve Jobs, plus the 60 Minutes interview with his biographer , Walter Isaacson.

The heroic and mock heroic imagry from Greek tragedy is my own concept. Job's heroic virtue was his unshakable belief in his own vision and opinion ; his tragic flaw was likewise his unshakable belief in his own opinion.


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