Peavy, who is probably a Bouvier.
Peavy is currently in the care of the Tri Valley Animal Rescue, who initially described her as follows : (SVHS A427274) 52 lbs. black Female/spayed Terrier. (They were wrong about her being a terrier : she is actually almost certainly a Bouvier.)
On their web site she is described as follows :
Peavy is a Bearded Collie mix (again, that is wrong: she is a Bouvier) that weighs 52 pounds and is just a sweetheart; unfortunately she has abslolutely no self esteem and rolls over wondering what is going to happen to her. She was a neglect case that came into the shelter after having spent 3 long years alone in a back yard with no training or socialization. She came to us so matted and full of foxtails that we had to shave her down. She looks like a different dog now and I am sure that she feels better. Even though she was matted, she had a great face with full beard, she was adorable with all of her hair, now she looks like an over sized Lhasa. Peavy is 3 yrs old, we had her spayed, vaccinated, and micro chipped; she is now ready for a loving home. She is a breed that will require hair cuts, she will shed very little, so grooming is a must. She is great in the car and is now crate trained. She loves to take walks and is very playful. Peavy will need a home that will have the time to devote to some basic obedience classes in order to boost her self esteem.
Now as soon as I saw her pre-grooming photo, I was fairly sure she was actually a small Bouvier. Moreover her foster home says that even shaved down she is so obviously a Bouvier that several people seeing her at adoption day have asked whether she was a Bouv. So if you have been seeking a young female Bouv, you definitely should make arrangements to meet Peavy.
The latest information from her foster home (when I talked to her 7/01/04) is that she is now spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped. She loves people and gets along well with other dogs. She is now very good on leash. She is good in the car. She crates well and is OK about being left home without people. She seems to be housebroken, as there have been no "accidents". The one remnant of her former mistreated life is that she sometimes rolls over and pees (ie submissive urination) if you are putting on her collar (ie training collar for walks); her foster person thinks perhaps she has been grabbed or yanked by the collar. I think she will probably get over this with calm gentle handling ; but in the meanwhile, if you are collering her or leashing up for a walk, do so outdoors. This is clearly a dog who tends to be submissive with people, thus not your typical self-assertive and ready-to-argue type of Bouvier. I would think she will do best with an adopter who has a calm style of leadership.
If you would like more information on this sweet girl, please contact Linea McPherson at 510-770-0208 (home) or 510-579-5850 or via email at <> .
UPDATE : Peavy has been ADOPTED. Her foster home says "She was adopted by a wonderful family who has a male Portugese Water dog and the two dogs love each other to pieces. It was a perfect adoption."
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