Peacock  Boy
I did the original version of this painting in 1980, but I was never satisfied with it. Late in 2012, while doing One Morning in Macedon, I went back to revise Peacock Boy. Above is the final painting ; the lower right quarter is a bit over-exposed by camera's flash.

Below is the original, called Triangle Boy, (colors not really quite this bright; I overdid the photoshop adjustment). At the time (1980) I had just gotten a lot of new acrylic paint colors and was experimenting with them and also with using masking tape to create straight lines. This is done from a 4 hour class, with some rest periods for the model.
The faint lines are charcole plans to alter the painting, after I became dissatisfied with the original. There were several intermediate versions which I am not showing.

Triangle Boy

Finally, what if I were to add a banana, or would that be just too much ?
Below I have put in a banana digitally (taken from a photo I posed, then pasted on top of the real painting in photoshop.)
I'd also considered a melted watch, melted over the edge of the table, but of course it would have to be a digital watch. I also considered a glass of red wine, fallen to the table and spilling down the side, but I am not good enough with glass. So the final thought is the banana. But since the staring eyes look as if the guy might be dead, would a banana be thought to indicate why he died ? No, that's not something I want to say. But that banana certainly would go so well with other elements in the composition.

Peacock Boy with Banana

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