The very small MicroBouv and the very large Natty.
This photo illustrates the size range of Bouviers. In the background the diminutative "Mike" (MicroBouv) smiles up at his adopter daddy John, while in the foreground the younger larger "Natty Bumpo" sits beside mommy Carolyn. Mike weighed in at abut 50 lbs and stood abut 20" at the withers. Natty is about twice as tall and weighs twice as much as Mike. Mike's adopters drove all day from Portland , Or to Ashland, Or to meet me and get him; I drove all day from Davis, Ca (near Sacramento) to deliver him and incidentally run a few of my dogs in a herding trial that fortunately was taking place near Ashland.
I got Mike out of our local Animal Control. They phoned me to ask if I knew who was rescuing Giant Schnauzers in our area. I asked why they thought he was a Giant rather than a Bouv and they replied because of the way he was groomed. So I grabbed the car keys and went to make sure. there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that he was a Bouv and a very civilized one. Because some in our club questioned his size as indicating he might not be a purebred, I sent out e-mail inquiries to the bouvier list asking whether anyone had known unquestionably purebred Bouvs to be that small and got back several replies from those who had known of ones a bit smaller. And I have since rescued two more in the same small size , "Pico" (PicoBouv) and "Guy" , and "Hamilton" who had a meduim sized head and body, but rather short legs (and again, I know of dogs with that build who are unquestionably purebred Bouvs). so far no tiny Bouv bitches, but I have the right names saved up for them when they arrive : "Minnie" (Minibouv) and "Lilli" (Lilliputian).
Rescuers, don't let mis-identification of breed by the animal control nor atypically small or large size deter you from rescueing a dog.
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