photo of Merv, an older Bouvier available for adoption


(Nov, 2005) Merv is a senior neutered male Bouvier, very sweet and well behaved, who is at the Woods Humane Society in San Luis Obispo in Southern Calif.

One of my net friends saw him on Petfinder and notified me. They have him described as a Bouvier mix, but his photos show him to be a not-groomed-for-show natural eared (and natural tailed) Bouvier who appears to be purebred (in case it matters , which it really shouldn't). Since I live over 300 miles away from the shelter, I sought help from the So Calif club members. So Calif member Barbara London phoned them this morning to get info and offer emergency help if needed. I got to talk to the person who knows most about his case later in the day.

Here is the combined info :

San Luis Obispo County Animal Control took him away from his owners as a Cruelty seizure for severe neglect. He was so totally infested with fleas that one could hardly see through them to his skin. Also bad ear infections, very thin. etc. Woods Humane Society took him over from the County. They got him neutered, cleaned his teeth , removed a lump, and they have been working on clearing up the ear infection. He is an older dog, based on condition of teeth and eyes.

Gabby who is in charge of his case told me that he has "one of the nicest temperaments ever" and that his temperament is "bulletproof" . He is very affectionate, " a big lover" : a totally adoptable dog. They want to cure the ear infections before they let him leave however, and they currently have him in the isolation, ie sick dog, wing. So interested adopters should phone Woods Humane to ask when he is expected to be ready for adoption and if he can be visited sooner.

He is NOT in any danger of being killed. This shelter will only kill a dog whose behavior is really bad or whose health is hopeless. They have a vet availble , either on staff or one who is available part time -- I'm not sure which, but in any case readily available. And they have Barbara London's phone number to contact if there is any change that might argue for transferring him to rescue.

They were happy that I would be doing some further publicity for this dog to try to bring him an adopter.

Woods Humane Society

San Luis Obispo, CA

(805) 543-9316

The shelter is open M Tu Th Fr 10 to 6 and W 10 to 7 and Sa 10 to 4. closed on Sundays. Very nice people; very helpful over the phone :it's quite clear that they love this dog and will do everything they can to finish getting him well and then get him adopted.

He is obviously an exceptionally sweet and well behaved dog, a real treasure for someone who is not prejudiced against adopting an older dog. P;us he has the added charm of natural ears and natural tail, which in my view have the advantage of allowing more obvious expression of the dog's thoughts and feelings.

Those of you who might not have considered adopting an older dog, ask anyone who has done so. They will tell you that older dogs are treasures : they are easy and pleasant to live with and they are grateful for a kind home. With today's vet care, these older dogs can have a satisfying number of good years left to share with you as a treasured companion.


UPDATE (Nov 2005) : Merv was rescued and soon adopted and cherished by Barbara London, a member of the SCBDFC , a long time Bouv person whose old Bouv had passed away a while back. Right after bringing him home she said : I have Merv with me now. We will keep him permanently. He has a really bad hip but does limp around. He does not complain about it. He has an amazing personality. I have a 2 year old male Maremma and a 9 year old male border terrier and he's fine with both. He let them know that he wouldn't tolerate nastiness and that was that. Thanks for bringing him to our attention. He deserves a home.

photo of Merv, an older Bouvier available for adoption

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