Information about Lucky, a 5 year old spayed Bouvier x Golden Retriever, currently in foster care and available for adoption.
Photo of Lucky, a Bouvier x Golden spayed bitch, running accross a field of grass.
Lucky is a 5 year old spayed Bouvier x Golden Retriever bitch. She is an owner surrender. She had been a back yard dog most of her life, and was often very bored and lonely. At times she would escape the prison-yard and go find another dog to play with or go to the nearby school to find children to play with. She gets along very well with other dogs , including small dogs, and with all humans, including children.
Lucky is a sweet gentle dog, who is a bit cautious and timid in new situations and with people she does not know. She warms up to people quickly if they offer to pet her and if they keep their voice and body language non-threatening. She is happy to be living indoors and is generally well behaved in the home. She is housebroken during the day, using the dog door as needed, but has had a few accidents during the night. So I am currently confining her to an "x-pen" at night, which has eliminated accidents.
Lucky is in excellent health. She is spayed, current on Rabies and DHLPPv, and received a 6 month ProHeart heartworm prevention shot prior to being surrendered. She was also clipped down prior to surrender, so right now she has about half an inch of coat and no beard at all. It will be a few months before she really looks herself again. She will be nearly black with antique gold undertones and will be very nice looking. She is a well built dog and moves freely and easily.
Lucky's only health issue is a history of ear infections. However her ex-owner admits that often she was inconsistant about applying the prescribed treatment. At present Lucky's ears seem to be doing fine. I am giving her live culture yoghurt in her food a couple times a week, and clean her ears with 50% vinegar 50% water when needed. These measures can do a lot to keep infections away.
Lucky will thrive in a home where she is not left alone for long lonely periods. She would be best in a home where there is human presence part of the day and where there is another dog. Although she has NOT been tested with cats, her disposition makes her a good candidate for learning to live peacefully with one if vigilant supervision is provided during the adjustment period. She will do best with people who are calm and mild-mannered in their leadership style. She does not need loud or harsh voiced reprimands or vigourous physical corrections. She does love walks and likes to play and romp at times. She would be OK for a less experienced or less dominant adopter and would be OK for a home with a person who needs a physically gentle and careful dog.
For an appointment to meet Lucky and consider adopting her, please phone Pam Green at (530) 756-2997 between 10 am and 6 pm California time. I do not place dogs to homes further away than 500 miles from Sacramento except in truly exceptional circumstance.
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