Photo of Hope taken at Animal Control.

Photo of Hope's newly groomed head.
Hope was rescued out of Sutter County Animal Control on 12/22/03. The upper photo was taken at the shelter; be grateful that the internet cannot deliver olfactory data ! The lower photo shows her somewhat crudely groomed head ; she is snuggling in comfort on my dog sofa.
Hope was an owner surrender from an owner who said that she was from the first of two litters that the owner had bred. Reason for surrender : "the dog wants to be with me all the time" , ie a "velcro" dog. She is NOT a case of separation anxiety ; the Animal Control intake lady asked appropriate questions to determine if this was the case. In my home she has not been at all a "velcro" dog. During the first few days when I had her separated from the rest of the house for quarrantine reasons , she was not noisy or destructive but did have some stress diarreha, which disappeared the instant she joined the rest of the family in the main part of the house.
I swung by the vet on the way home with her to get her shots and heartworm test. Good thing I did so, as examination revealed both ears absolutely packed with filth and so swollen and infected that my vet could not see down to the eardrum. After a week of Otomax twice a day, on recheck she was much improved and is getting another week of treatment.
Hope is 1 year , 8 months old, was spayed at 8 months, and is a light fawn (also called buff) color with natural ears and docked tail. She is now current on shots and is on heartworm prevention. Her former owner had her microchipped with an Avid chip. I do have the former owner's phone number to contact to ask for her registration papers and the microchip registartion transfer information.
Hope is well built and moves easily, light on her feet and springy; she is an athlete. Indoors she is calm and minds her own business. Outdoors she is energetic and playful. She is somewhat cautious and definitely submissive with people, but easily accepts affection and enjoys grooming. She was almost immediately housebroken and well behaved indoors, though I would bet she had never been indoors before her rescue. (I taught her how to use the dog door first thing after getting her home.) She gets along well with other dogs and is playful with them. She was initially submissive to all my other dogs, but lately has shown she might be considering standing up to Pixel, my very bossy bitch who will definately make her regret any rudeness ! I think her personality will really blossom when she has been a housedog a while longer and when she starts getting out and about in the world.
Several adopters have already expressed eager interest in her. I will start making dates for adopters to meet her after her ear treatment has been successful. I would recommend some extra socialization for her and definately basic obedience classes. She might be a good candidate for Herding (to judge from moves she makes in play) and should be an excellent candidate for Agility as she definately has the athleticism and the enthusiasm for it.
For an appointment to meet Hope, phone me at (530) 756-2997 between 10 am and 6 pm California time.

UPDATE 4/18/04 : Hope has been ADOPTED by one of my favorite "repeat customers". Many years ago when I was fairly new in rescue, I mediated their adoption of "Poco" , a sweet bitch who was deaf from long neglected ear infections. Poco lived with them for many years and finally passed away in old age. Meanwhile they have adopted other needy Bouvs, including "Duet," who was one of a number of puppies rescued from a hideous puppy mill by the Cascade Bouv club, and who is now a dignified 8 year old. Duet has approved Hope joining the family. Hope will move in at the start of next weekend, so that the adopters can give more supervision during the first few days, always a sensible plan

Photo of Hope, well groomed, side view standing.

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