He Told Me This

by T Yamamoto, © 2008

This is a poem about a shepherd's memories of first four herding dogs and the regrets for mistakes made in training. T Yamamoto (also known by her maiden name as T Martino) is a working shepherd who writes about her experiences. This poem is from her second book American Lambs- shearing with blades. Her first book is called American Lambs and is published by OutRun Press.
I love this poem because it is so true. We all make mistakes in our training. The wise ones acknowledge their mistakes and learn from them.
I am reprinting this with the author's permission.


He Told Me This

My Grandpa had dogs, and I remember them as a wonder.
Grandpa gave me dogs to help me in my work.
My First dog I thought cowardly - though he did what I asked.
My second dog I thought headstrong - but he could shift anything
My third dog was a good dog, he slept by my bed. And I shared meals with him.
But he was kicked in the head by a cow with a young calf and died.
My fourth dog, was brilliant. And I loved her like my own child.
She had pups and this one under my chair is of her blood.
But now I know. And it sometimes makes me sad.
My first dog, it was me that made him a coward
My second didn't listen to me because when I was young I was often wrong
My third dog was a good dog, but I put him on stock too rough for that day.
By my fourth dog I became humble and knew that the dogs knew more than I
That I was just helping them along to find their trail.
Oh to be a young again and know these things...
To get my first dog back and say to him......
"you were such a good dog."


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