This is a humorous song that has no purpose but to amuse.



( to tune of "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" )

by Pam Green , © 2002

A man with a beard may seem quite continental,
But a Bouvie is a girl's best friend !
That dog with the beard may seem weird but she's gentle,
Yes a Bouvie is a girl's best friend !
Man's words in your ear may seem well sentimented,
But they prove not what he may intend.
Bouv's kiss on your rear may seem queer and demented,
But a Bouvie is a girl's best friend !
Man's heartfelt embrace may seem totally charming,
And a thrill down your spine may descend.
Bouv's fart in your face may seem rude and alarming,
But a Bouvie is a girl's best friend !
As we all grow older, the nights grow colder,
And we seek one on whom to depend.
Though a man may disdain you, your Bouv will remain true,
Yes, a Bouvie is a girl's best friend !


in case you want to have a sound track, here is a nice piano version :

If the sound track does not appear on this page, you can link to it at diamonds-girls-best.mid which will open the sound track in a new window, which will continue to play while you switch back to this page. Perhaps you will want to sing along. this file is under 10 kb in size, so will download quickly even on a dial-up modem. This version is piano.

Diamond, the rescued Bouvier

SCBDFC received an owner-surrendered Bouvier bitch named Diamond. A wonderful bitch, but she came to us with severe allergy problems. Fortunately these have responded very well to treatment, and there is every reason to believe that an adopter will be able to maintain control of her allergies and prevent further outbreaks.

Naturally I had to write some song verses for her :

Update : Diamond was adopted by one of our "repeat customer" adopters whose previous adopted Bouv had passed away at an advanced age. Diamond is thriving in her new and forever home and she has certainly become her adopters' best friend as they have become her best friend.


Mz Diamond's a bitch with an itch that needs taming :
She seeks a home that will defend
Against flea bites and dust mites her skin's been inflaming.
Mz Diamond needs a true best friend !

Mz Diamond's a bitch with an itch that's been easing :
She's in treatment and she's on the mend.
Her temperament's sound and she tries to be pleasing.
Our Diamond could be YOUR best friend !



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