A song about the abilities of the natural gathering (also called fetching) dog to work livestock. All real herding work is based on the dog's natural instinct and desire to gather, fetch , and hold stock to the handler. The line about"loseing it and calling it their style" refers to an aberrant group of herding trial people who , under the name of "boundary style", are working dogs in a way that does not utilize the fetching instinct and tends to destroy it.


(to tune of "Camelot")

by Pam Green , © 1994


Each evening from December to December
Before you lay your shepherd's crook to rest,
I beg you , oh I beg you, to remember
What dogs do best.
Ask every shepherd if his dog can gather
And tell him loud and clear if he will not
"A dog who cannot bring your livestock to you
Ain't worth a lot,"

If you can keep your heading instinct when all others
Are losing theirs and calling it their "style",
Yours is the flock and all the stock within it
Mile after mile, mile after mile.

Gathering, gathering ,
If you can outrun, lift, and fetch
By gathering, gathering
There's no stock you can't catch.

If you can pressure sheep through dipping in a raceway
And make a double-lift of half a mile,
Yours is the flock and all the stock within it
At ranch or Trial, at ranch or Trial.

If you can fill the unforgiving seven minutes
With outrun , drive, and pen all calmly done,
Yours is the flock and all the stock within it
And prize well won, and prize well won.

Gathering, gathering,
Will bring your stock to you
By gathering, gathering
There's no job you can't do.

If you can take a flock of hundreds out to pasture
Then bring them safely home at set of sun,
Yours is the flock and all the stock within it,
And job well done, and job well done !




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