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My article "Don't Buy a Bouvier" has been translated into a number of other languages : I know there is a French translation, Italian translation, German translation , and Japanese translation, because I gave express permission for these. I have heard there is a Russian translation as well.
This article has also inspired people in other breeds, especially people involved in Rescue for their breed, to re-work the article to fit their breed. I have given express permission for a number of these re-works. Most have simply used those parts of my article that are equally applicable to their breed , deleted parts not applicable, and added anything else that they thought was needed. Rarely and delightfully, someone has done a totally new article, with their own words and concepts, that was simply stimulated by having seen my article, and bearing the same relationship to my work as "West Side Story" bears to "Romeo and Juliet" (which as you probably know did not originate its basic plot) or that "My Fair Lady" bears to "Pygmalion".
You can do a Google search or use any other search engine to try to discover still more sites. All the ones I found through Google clearly indicated that they had based their article on the original "Don't Buy a Bouvier" by Pam Green , the 1992 version.
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Don't Buy a Bouvier : other countries

(I don't have the URLs for the French Canadian breeder site that asked permission to do a French translation, nor for the Japanese Bouvier Club site which has both English and Japanese versions, nor for the Italian translation.)

Don't Buy ..... other breeds

(I am listing several sites for some of the breeds because , as you know, sometimes sites move or dissappear.)


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