Doggie Stairs

"stairways to the cars"

Portable doggie stairs or steps can be very useful for helping an old or disabled dog get into the car or get on and off furniture. I include photos illustrating use for car entry.

Stairways to the Cars

by Pam Green, © 2012

Dogs who are old or have some mobility limitations or leg weakness can have difficulty getting into the car or onto the furniture, including the human's bed. Doggie stairs are the usual solution used for furniture. Ramps are more often used for entry to cars, trucks, SUV , but they are heavy and awkward to move (especially if the person is not strong in the arms) and they require quite a bit of free space beside the car door. Doggie stairs can be just as helpful to the dog and may seem more secure to the dog. Stairs are far easier for the person to handle, require little free space beside the door, are easier to store in the car.

Small dogs too benefit from stairs to furniture and should be taught to use stairs to decend again rather than jumping down, as jumping down can result in injury. Small dogs don't need stairs for the car, as their people can so easily lift the dog in and out.

There are many types of doggie stairs or steps sold at major pet supply stores. The ones illustrated below are quite inexpensive and easy to assemble. They are rated for dogs up to 70 lbs. The cover is removable. A 4th step can be added if desired. I have them set up long term at my bed and use them when needed for the car.

Walter stands mid-way up dog stair into the car.
Sweet old Walter illustrates the use for the car
dog stairs stored inside the  car.
stored inside the car
dog stairs with cover removed
cover removed


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