Chewbacca, 10 month old neutered male Bouv, with his rescuers.
Chewy was snatched from the very jaws of death by a kind hearted lady who knew she could not keep him but did not want him to die. She got him vaccinated and neutered and heartworm tested but was unable to find a responsible home , so turned to BCNC for help. I will be picking him up 10/25/04. Someone else in the club will foster him. His story is as follows :
"A few months ago my children and I were at the Sutter County kill shelter looking for a friend's cat. We saw a employee walking with a Bouvier, we asked where it was going, he said to be killed it was at the shelter too long. My kids all freaked out and started crying, we took it home to spare its life, had it neutered, all shots, kennel cough ect. He is approx 10 months to 1 year old. Very Beautiful dog. He is being kenneled at Yuba Sutter Vet while we attempt to find him a home. The cost has become more than my husband is willing to handle. I have paid for everything, and am now just accumulating daily kennel fees, I have put an ad in the local paper, but have not had the type of responsible person apply. No one has had any knowledge in the breed at all. I want this dog to have a wonderful life. Can you help me. My husband is urging me to do the worse( I wont ever), but I can no longer continue to pay for this dogs care. ( I have 7 children). Can you help me??? If not can you lead me to someone who will??? I am very desperate for help in this situation. This dog gets along well with other dogs both male and female and is very good around children. Sincerely Glenda "

I picked Chewy up on 10/25/04 and kept him overnight, then delivered him to one of our most experienced Rescue Team members the next day. In his brief time at my home, he managed very well , despite being confronted with 8 other dogs. Initially he was a bit shy of a hand approaching his face, but that was because his eyes were so blindfolded by hair that he could not see. (See picture of ungroomed face.) As soon as I gave him a "hairectomy" so he could see, he was totally friendly and trusting.
After he arrived at Debra's , she let him settle and then did a series of temperament and handling tests, including being hugged around the neck several times with increasing strength, being laid down on his side and being gently lain partly on top of as a child might do, having his ears tugged on , his stail tugged on, and his fur tugged on in midbody. Finally he was tested for willingness to have his food bowl picked up while he was eating, then the ultimate food test, a peanut butter annointed chewie first given then taken back and given again. All of these tests were particularly relevant as he may be going to a home with two younger children, and despite parental vigilance, kids do hug, squeeze, lie on, tug on, and molest while eating. He accepted all of these tests with complete good grace. He was also introduced to being left in a crate. A bit of whining, but he did settle and accept the situation. He slept last night crated next to Deb's bed.
Chewy is neutered, current on shots, and heartworm negative and on protection. He is about 10 months old, and seems to be in robust health. He is friendly with everyone, human adults and children, and with other dogs. His behavior with cats is unknown.
For further information and an appointment to meet Chewy, please contact (removed). Deb's phone machine has been acting up, so you may have to try more than once. ;
UPDATE (11/10/04) : Chewy has been ADOPTED (2 days ago) by the same nice couple who adopted Jackie last year. He is adjusting to his new family and home.

Chewie's face before grooming;  his eyes are blindfolded by hair ! Chewie's face after clearing hair away from his eyes;  now he can see !
Blinded by his hair.Able to see and make eye contact.

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