Painting of the Goddess Chelsea creating Woman, after Michaelangelo.

I have been meaning to do this one for a long time : "the Goddess Chelsea creating Woman" or "the Goddess Chelsea creating Eve". This is the painting I should have on my ceiling, as fitting tribute to Chelsea the Queen of Creation, and in the later version to all of my personal Trinity, Chelsea , Bones, and Keya..
To do this one, I scanned in the original from an art book, then re-touched Adam to be Eve. Yes, that leaves Eve looking fairly masculine in musculature, but of course that is how Michaelangelo would have done her. I brightened up all the colors to reflect the brighter colors revealed by the recent Sistine Chapel restoration project. On a separate layer, I added Chelsea as copied from a photo of her herding sheep, then slightly exaggerated the outstretch of Her leading foreleg. Then I retouched and tinted Her to , I hope, blend into the picture. This first version is shown above.
Below see the revised version, with my personal Trinity : Bones (Archangel, Son, and Sun) and Keya (The Eternal Puppy) . I built this one up in layers, with enormous experimentation as to how the layers would interact. Finally, I retouched Eve's face and hair somwhat closer to my own at a younger age. Chelsea, Bones, and Keya may not really have created the world and humanity , but they certainly did re-create my personal world and myself, and they did so much for the better.
This is not the first time I have ripped off Michaelangelo. Many many years ago my Christmas card , in response to the joke " Have you heard the bad news about God ?"   "She's black !", showed God as a black woman with a peace medallion creating Adam. Just a line drawing, not in color.

Painting of the Goddess Chelsea, with Archangel Bones and Eternal Puppy Keya,  creating Woman, after Michaelangelo.

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