cartoons in my mind

(cartoons I have not drawn yet)

There are three cartoons that have been in my mind for many years, but I've never gotten around to drawing them. The ideas seem too good to waste, so I describe them here.

The equestrian one should have been drawn for the California Dressage Letters magazine "Dressage Letters", which had published many of my cartoons.
The two wolf cartoons should be drawn in Gary Larsen style , as they fit into the classic Larsen themes of animal behavior

cartoons in my mind

(three cartoons I have not drawn yet)

It seems like a good idea to describe these since I will probably never get around to actually drawing them.. Consider it a wonderful oppertunity to use your own imagination.

The Groom's Dilemma
In the foreground a man wearing a very formal wedding tuxedo and top hat. He is holding the rein of two horses, one in simple snaffle bridle and the other in double bridle, both braided for competition. In the background a woman rider in dressage tailcoat and top hat is cantering into the entry of the dressage arena. The man is saying "When she asked me to be her groom, I thought she had something else in mind"

The Wolf at the Perfume Counter
A wolf is standing at the perfume counter and the salesperson is spraying a sample of scent on the wolf's shoulders. The salesperson says "This is our perenial classic favorite "Fresh Horse Poop", but you might prefer our best selling scents "Rotting Dead Carp" or "Maggoty Dead Sheep" "

The Wolf at the Grocery Checkout
The wolf is standing at the grocery checkout line with a grocery cart filled with various meat items plus some vegetables. The checkout clerk is holding up a paper bag in one hand and a plastic bag in the other hand. The wolf replies "No thanks. I'll just carry everything home in my stomach". (Wolves can eat 30 to40 lbs of meat , trot home, then regurgitate part of it for the pack's puppies and their caretaker wolf.)


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