"BooBoo" (aka "Boon")

Information and photos of BooBoo, also called Boon, a rescued Bouvier bitch who has since been adopted. Photos show her with her adopter.
Photo of BooBoo joyfully coming to her adopter and crashing into him. Photo of BooBoo sitting next to her adopter.
"BooBoo" was an owner surrender into the Sacramento SPCA, which promptly phoned BCNC Bouvier Rescue to come bail her out. We went to the shelter to meet her and sign her papers and pay her fees. Then she was spayed, vaccinated, heartworm tested, and microchipped at the shelter; then we returned to pick her up. Her foster care was done by BCNC club member , Liz Schuler.
Unfortunately poor BooBoo had also contracted Kennel Cough at the shelter, a misfortune that is often unavoidable under shelter conditions. So during her first week or so in foster care , she was quite ill, miserable , and depressed. As the disease ran its course, she began to feel better and became her normal self. She quickly proved to be a well behaved housedog and affectionate with people. She also became lively and playful. She also has the further advantages of being quite young and very good looking.
Her main problem in placement was that she is very dominant and hostile towards other dogs. So she needed to be in a home where she would be the only dog and where the adopter was very dog-wise and had excelent leadership skills. (Note : most dogs who are dominant are fairly benign in their attitude towards other dogs. I don't really know why Boon is hostile as well as dominant.)
Fortunately her adopter is very experienced with Bouvier, including a now-deceased male who was dog-aggressive, so he is well prepared to deal with BooBoo and to take steps to improve her attitude towards other dogs. As you can see from the photos, there was an immediate rapport between the two of them. His preliminary reports are that he is very pleased with her.
(By the way, while I detested her original name that came into the shelter with her, "BooBoo", and re-named her "Boon" , which the Thesarus defines as "a blessing, a benison, a kindness" , her adopter prefers BooBoo as being the name of the cartoon character Yogi Bear's sidekick. The adopter is always right when it comes to naming the dog.)


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