History & photos of Bouclette, a 12 year old Bouvier, now adopted by a loving and responsible home.

Bouclette's Intake Photo : overweight and a bit dejected.

Photo of Bouclette, sweet gentle civilized 12 year old spayed bitch available for adoption.
Bouclette is a sweet , gentle, highly civilized spayed bitch who will be 12 years old on April 19, 2003. In December 2002 she was abandoned to BCNC Rescue by the family who had owned her from puppyhood. They had bought a fancy house with fancy carpet and poor Bou just wasn't welcome any more because she didn't wipe her feet before stepping onto the carpet. She also needed surgery to remove a nasty painful but non-cancerous lump from her mouth; Rescue took care of that and she has fully recovered. She was 25 pounds overweight and could barely struggle to stand up from a lying down position; but diet and exercise took care of that. Now she is a healthy dog who enjoys walks at a moderate pace. She is affectionate and perfectly behaved in home and in public. She is currently being fostered by me, Pam Green, and will be available for adoption through BCNC. Please phone me at (530) 756-2997 between 10 am and 7 pm California time for an opportunity to meet and adopt this gentle old lady. She would be a treasure to a less active person who craved gentle and calm companionship. Unlike most Bouvier she would be OK with someone who was a bit lacking in training experience and "alphatude". And she has a track record of being good with young children. Although she is now 12 years old, with good care and good luck, she might have several years left to share with you. (Of course she is also welcome to stay with me; I took her in knowing that that might well be the outcome.)
UPDATE : Bouclette has been ADOPTED by a loving home that will cherish her. Her adopters are a work-at-home lady and 13 year old son and their 6 year old neutered Shar Pei. So far everyone is delighted and Bou seems to be energized by her new situation. She is enjoying a new lease on life.

Bouclette about to leave with her adopter.

Photo of Bouclette withe her ears up with her adopter behind her.

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